Wednesday, 23 October 2013

From then til now; Figure Drawing at the Florence Academy of Art, Sweden

It is just fascinating to put them together and compare what has changed through my year in Sweden. The drawing on the left is my very first 3 hour study at the school (in January), the middle drawing is from the first week of the second trimester (in March) done in 3 hours, and the drawing on the right is also a 3 hour study, for my long pose from the 2nd week of the current third trimester (in October).

There has been tremendous improvement in the understanding of proportions and gesture- to make a figure stand in a steady contrapposto. (Oh, how the rib and pelvis had melted together in the first drawing) There has also been a progressive understanding for sight-size, lost-and-found-edges, shadow and light shapes, line variety, focus, form, holding a pencil, and being gentle to the paper. Much to reflect on.

There is still much to be improved, and much to learn, and so far from where I'd want to be. 

Sometimes reflecting helps with thinking forward. 

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