Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Featured on Berfrois: Lee Kuan Yew’s Death Has Already Taken Place

Death Mask, Yanyun Chen, 2013

by Jeremy Fernando

… the highest function of the sign is to make reality disappear and, at the same time, to mask that disappearance.
— Jean Baudrillard, The Perfect Crime
To conquer death you only have to die, you only have to die
—Tim Rice, ‘Jerusalem’
There is a famous maxim that one must always kill your idols. That the only way to become your own person, as it were, is to free yourself from the shadow of the one you admire, look up to. Singapore has clearly taken this to heart: and has murdered its founding father. Not in the banal sense of attempting to erase his memory, an erasure by censorship, omission, but in a far more sophisticated way: by cementing a version of him, memorialising him — archiving him.
Read the rest here: Lee Kuan Yew’s Death Has Already Taken Place

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