Saturday, 3 November 2012

The pairing of my digital ink and jeremy's digital words... fiction as petra.

Petra is featured in Berfrois, as a partner in crime with Jeremy's new fiction The Squire Goes to the Polls. I am much delighted. Read more here: Berfrois

The Squire Goes to the Polls

[dedicated to the memory of Lebbeus Woods (1940-2012)]

Petra, Yanyun Chen, 2012

by Jeremy Fernando

Save him … was the only thought occupying his mind as he rode in. “He is the last of the noblemen, even if he doesn’t quite seem to know it himself these days.”
“If he doesn’t know it, can he be all that noble?” replied the ass. “Surely nobility would imply that you know what you were doing!”
“Certainly! Why else would he be making those claims to save the nation? Repair the economy in spite of all mathematical fact? He’s all the more noble for marching straight into the unknown.”
“Adderall baby.”
“No wonder you’re just longing for tomatoes”, muttered the rider.
“If you’re unhappy, go ride an elephant.”
... (more here)

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