Saturday, 7 July 2012

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I was introduced to this wonderful pair when I attended (I say attended, more like attempted) a handi-craft workshop at Tembusu College, organized by the dynamic duo Yanyun & Sara ofStick & Balloon! In case you didn’t know, Tembusu College is in NUS and we’re a pretty cool bunch ;) Anyways, I heard that they were doing some great work on the Tembusu game (yeah, we have a computer game) and their artworks are FANTABULOUS.
Check out their fantastic artwork here! Let’s break to the interview :) – don’t forget to link up with them on Facebook as well!
Give us a brief introduction about yourselves.
Um, hello, hi. We are Stick and Balloon. We are a pair of nomadic, symbiotic creatures filled to the brim with drawings, ideas, inks, wood, beer, caffeine and shisha smoke… We will try our best to be legible.
What’s going on in your lives at the moment?
We are currently building an old-fashion point and click adventure game for Tembusu College, NUS. Aside from that, juggling an old stop-motion film that we have not completed, pitching for new jobs, working on free-lance illustration and design, sorting our taxes, making game art, building sets, drawing, reading, drinking beer, stressing out, feeding ourselves, taking care of the hare and the bird, missing each other, cooking, traveling, scribbling, organizing our lives and… writing this email.
Tell us a little more about Stick and Balloon, and what inspired it.
Simply put, we look that way. We met at an air rifle range back in our youngling days, both of us shot air rifles. Balloon broke the national schools record when she was there.
Then university happened, we lived together in Denmark for an awesome few months, then we started working together under the name Stick and Balloon. Or so I can remember…
Where do you see yourselves heading in the next 5 years?
Hard to say… we don’t know what we’ll be doing next week! The easiest way to worm out of this question is to quote Neil Gaiman “Make. Good. Art.”
What’s a word or phrase you both feel describes Stick and Balloon best?
MUP! MEEP! JABA! RAWR! ooOOoOOoOoOoo (Editor: by the way, this is why I love working with creatives ;) )

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