Monday, 30 April 2012

On Reading: Form, Fictionality, Friendship

Recently designed and laid out a book for writer Jeremy Fernando called On Reading: Form, Fictionality, Friendship a series of beautiful prose by 12 thinkers. The front cover piece is one of my earlier works called The Box which is a play on the form of the cross, the institutional box, the craft of origami (religious institutions as crafty origamis?) and us, people who seem to love the big white box. The book is published by Atropos, and be bought here at amazon

"The essays assembled in Fernando's collection bear testament to the contemporary status of reading as a perpetual act of creative engagement and continually remind us of the beautiful treachery of bringing provocative ideas into contact with the complexity of imaginary worlds. Shape-shifting fiction, we are repeatedly reminded in these exciting essays, is the true constant in both the process of reading and of writing, and whether that fiction materializes as aesthetic, ethical, or gendered, matters little. The elegant readerly encounters that we discover across the pages of this collection are all potent, provocative acknowledgments of the essential haunted evasiveness of final meanings."  

-- Neil Murphy, Associate Professor of English, Nanyang Technological University; author of Irish Fiction and Postmodern Doubt and editor of Aidan Higgins: The Fragility of Form

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