Monday, 5 March 2012

Piplatchka Makerings

Piplatchka Makerings
at The Pigeonhole, Singapore
52 and 53 Duxton Road
from 6-16 March (Closed on Mondays)

A Print and Gallery Show presented by Stick and Balloon.
Featuring: Stick and Balloon's Yanyun Chen and Sara Chong, Joseph Nair, Ivy Li and Marl Brutality Peanuts.

Contact:, 65 97547512


Piplatchka: a Czech term for doing something tedious, and making life difficult for one’s self, and doing things the hard way.

'Piplatchka' was explained to Stick and Balloon by a puppet maker in Prague. Piplatchka Makerings is a gathering of work consciously created the most difficult way, because it is the only way and the best way to make things. By Bit by bit, in little pieces, with heart and soul, and a sprinkle of magic.

All work is on sale in a single, unique edition for this show. Prices range from SGD250 to SGD600.

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