Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Little Dreamer Novel

Singaporean writer Anila Angin approached Stick and Balloon to illustrate and animate her novel in 2009. The book is called The Little Dreamer. We are so proud to announce that the book and website has been launched!

The book is released half a chapter a week, free for all to read on her website and follow her blog If you are impatient, you can also buy the ebook, with colour illustrations via paypal for USD12.95.

In the middle of an island that sits in the middle of an ocean, there is an Enchanted Lake.

And in the middle of the lake is yet another island on which the hermaphrodite Guardian of the Lake lives. There is nothing particularly unusual about this, other than that an entire city lies buried beneath the Enchanted Lake.

Not the kind of dead and dust-crumbled city that archeologists are so fond of either, but a thriving, very much alive underground city.

It is the City of Dreams, and its inhabitants are thought to be a beautiful and magical race of immortals known as the Dreamers. No one who lives on the surface of the island has ever seen the City of Dreams.

Not since it disappeared underground.

The child, Zayoni, does not know any of this, until a mysterious woman appears to her in the jungle one day and sets her heart dreaming about the lost city. She leaves her tribe, her mother and her beloved tree to go in search of the City of Dreams, hoping to restore a paradisiacal way of life to her island.

Along the way, she meets a host of strange and colourful characters, including a gypsy fortune-teller, a talking dog, a bloodthirsty princess, a blindfolded dancer and the Old Dreamers of the Earth, Air, Sea and Fire – beings so ancient, they grow younger with age.

The child has only three months to find the City of Dreams. She races against time and the challenges she encounters, only to realise that what she was looking for was within her all this while, and in the hearts of everyone else...

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