Sunday, 15 August 2010

A pitch for Louis Vuitton

Earlier this year, Stick and Balloon pitched a few ideas for the inside store display for the new Marina Bay Louis Vuitton Boutique to be launched in 2011. It is a big project, and we are given lots of creative freedom with fixed dimensions. Despite not winning the pitch, we came up with some really cool stuff for them. With their permission, I get to share with you on my blog! Woosh!

What you see here are some of the concept drawings for a stop-motion + 2d animated film. The characters are Mitch and Charlie making their own adventures around a Louis Vuitton world. We were also intending to feature the Huber craft, created by the Vuitton brothers.

As you can tell, I really dig salamanders.

This marquette for Mitch is made by Balloon, and painted by Stick.

Anyone wants us to fund us?

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