Monday, 2 June 2008

Yanyun graduated with first class honours in Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in digital animation and was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal Award. Ironically, she has never quite understood technology, and much prefers drawing or doing stopmotion. In fact, she really likes to build sets for others, making puppets and carving wood. Really.

She also studied at The Animation Workshop, Denmark and spent two months in Prague learning marionette construction and puppetry under puppet-maker and sculptor Miroslav Trejtnar.

Early in 2011, Yanyun interned at Studio Soi, Germany as a set builder for the upcoming film "The Gruffalo's Child", to be released during Christmas the same year.

When Yanyun isn't armed with her carving tools, she does her freelance projects. She has worked with clients such as IDEO, Nexus Singapore, Shyalala, byFlo, Audi, Propellerfish, Proteus Technologies and more to produce flash games, trading card games, illustrations, app and web layouts. She also contributes to the online magazine One Imperative, and does book layouts for wonderful writers, such as Peter Van De Kamp, Jeremy Fernando and Anila Angin.

Yanyun hopes that she'll get a chance to lie on soft green grass and stare at the big sky once again. Somewhere far away, perhaps.

photo by Maido Hollo.