Monday, 2 June 2008


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Digital Animation (1st class honours)
Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal Award
Nanyang Scholarship 2005-2009
School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University

Attended Puppets in Prague
Marionette Carving and Puppets for Animation Workshops
June-August 2009
Prague, Czech Republic

Attended 3d Character Animation Workshop
The Animation Workshop
The Drawing Academy
January-June 2008
Viborg, Denmark

MOE Art Elective Programme Scholarship
Sapphire Scholars Programme
National Junior College


MoonChild in progress
Producer, Co-writer, co-director and animator: a stop-motion and 2D animation composite short film of a shy fiddler who falls in love with a Moon spirit.

Possess & Steve
Client: The Real Group (
Produced a series of indie short advertisements over December in 2007 for and They are viral advertisements for online audience, and are about 30 seconds long.

The Fat Lady incomplete
Created, directed and animated a short 2D animation about a fat lady dealing with her frustrations of being fat and learning about the beauty of being herself.

Stardust a Neil Gaiman rewrite
A collaborative paper cut-out poetry & puppet performance with Sara Chong. Designed and crafted the backgrounds. (pictures unavailable)

Created, directed, built and animated an experiemental stopmotion animation, exploring the sense of touch, and the wonders of puppet animation, birth and death.



Online Advertisement Producer
December 2007 ; Client: The Real Group
A set of short 30 second advertising for Singapore start-up company to be aired on Youtube only. (Aired August 2008)

Student Intern/ Collaborative Content Producer
July 2007 ; Company: Xmedia Lab, 360 Fashion, Yolk Design Creatives
Content producer and organiser for pilot project initiated by Xmedia Lab pioneers Brendan Harkin and Megan Elliot

Production Assistant
June 2007 ; Company: Monochromatic Pictures
Services rendered as PA on 19th June 207 for Singapore Arnmy Museum Documentary video (SQ117)

Web Management 10TouchPoints project in DesignSingapore Office, Ministry of Information,
Communication & the Arts
Dec-Jan 2007

Assisting the 10TouchPoints project website and online content, to aid and reply users, control feedback and assist in updating news and events on website.

Artist Assistant in Singapore Biennale
Sep 2006

Art Workshop Teacher
Dec 2006 ; Company: Little Art Bug
3-day art workshop for children aged 6 to 10; teaching them drawing, painting and craft work.

Traditional Myth Making Research Project under Hannes Rall, NTU, School of Art, Design and Media
Part of a team of 7 researching on Indian Art and the epic story of Ramayana. Dealt mostly with story outline and character history.

Associate & Intern in DesignSingapore Office, Ministry of Information, Communication & the Arts

May-June 2005
Design Culture & Research Unit, assistant to Assistant Director in handling the DesignSingapore Scholarships
Design Development Unit, Singapore Design Festival 2005, hosting Korean design group for a day of the event

National Junior College part-time teaching
Jan-May 2005
Conducting classes for the Year 1 and Integrated Programme 1 students; occasionally the senior students
Teacher-in-charge for the Cultural Mapping Event subsections & publicity

Student Volunteer


Software Literacy

Maya 2008
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premier
Istopmotion Pro/ Frame Thief



Proficient in English and Mandarin